About me :

My name is Mohammad reza jangrouei. I am a member of Computational material science group from 2012. Since September 2014 I started a new job as an Sessional lecturer at University of QomShahab Danesh UniversityIsfahan University of Technology and Payame Noor University (PNU).



m.r.jangrouei@gmail.com   m.r.jangrouei@gmail.com

mjangroii@ph.iut.ac.ir  m.jangroii@ph.iut.ac.ir


Educations :

M.Sc. Condensed Matter Physics        Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan, Iran


B.Sc. Physics                                                University of Qom , Qom, Iran


Research Interests :

Light-Matter Interactions

Nonlinear and Ultrafast Optical Phenomena, Attosecond nonlinear Optics, Ultrafast optical spectroscopy, Ultrafast nanoelectronicsControlling, ultrafast photoelectron dynamics, Nanoscale Photonic Imaging,  Attosecond electron dynamics, High-harmonic generation, Photoelectron spectroscopy, Two-photon absorption, Wireless power transmission, Quantum Dot Solar Cells

Models for time-dependent phenomena

Time Dependent Density Functional Theory (Linear Response, Non-linear response-Dynamics), Many-Body(GW,BSE)